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Thin Wall Aluminum Tube

Thin wall aluminum tube is one of our specialties.

Aluminum alloy choice plays a significant role in our ability to produce thin wall aluminum tubing. The following rule of thumb applies to alloy selection and wall thickness:


Minimum Wall Thickness

1001 or 3003






The outside diameter of the aluminum tube also plays an important role. The thinner the wall and larger the OD, the more difficult the tube is to extrude and to ensure “roundness”. Extruded tubing with ultra thin wall thicknesses generally does not exceed 1.00” OD. Contact us today to find out more!

We have no minimum order size. Custom aluminum tubing can be ordered in quantities from 20 – 20,000 feet. If you are working on a new product we will provide samples free of charge with the purchase of the extrusion die. Tooling costs generally range from $500 - $1500. Lead times for extruded aluminum tube dies are 3 weeks.